Integrity and security

Creating a play environment that is fair and quality service to our players is our highest priority in Our ROXPoker Security Team will promptly and thoroughly investigate all complaints registered by players suspecting questionable practices or collusion. Any player found to be participating in collusion or deceptive practices will have their account immediately closed and will be permanently banned from our games.

Please contact our Security Team directly with any questions at


Collusion is an unacceptable practice that undermines the integrity of the games. In order to combat collusion ROXPoker employs numerous preventative security measures which include random security checks and log-file reviews. Our analysis includes automatic tracking of betting patterns related to the strength of a player's hand and referencing that against other player’s actions at the same table to determine if they may be working together. Sophisticated algorithms are employed to identify, track and uncover collusion help to ensure the integrity of our system and fairness at our tables.


The use of Artificial Intelligence or “bots” is strictly forbidden. ROXPoker employs measures to prevent and detect the use of programs that are designed to enable artificial intelligence (non-human) play on the site. Players found to be using such programs will have their account closed immediately and they will be banned from playing at the site permanently.

Tracking Prevention

ROXPoker does not support the use of tracking software (software used by players to track the play of others). We are proud to lead the way in preventing the effectiveness of software that unfairly gives players an advantage over others at the table.

In order to allow players to study their hands, ROXPoker stores a Hand History text file for every player that can be reviewed later. Tools have emerged over the years to allow players to better understand their own play by loading these text files for analysis. For some players, these tools are useful to try and learn how to better their play. ROXPoker welcomes players to study their own hand histories to understand better their own play, as long as they do not use tools during game play.

Recently, some tools have been created that can also be used to track and store the long term play of other players at the table. Not stopping there, some tools are actually sharing their tracked data with other tool users. This allows the good possibility that players who are unfairly using these tools will have statistics on players they’ve never played against before. These tools currently rely on a common factor: that poker sites will rarely allow players to change their nicknames, if at all.

ROXPoker players will be granted the option of changing their Poker Nickname every 7 Days.

By allowing players to change their Poker Nickname often, ROXPoker thus negates the effectiveness of shared or prolonged poker data tracking.

It is important to point out that any Notes made on a player in the game will always remain linked to that player in ROXPoker’s Note system. While we strive to make our poker game fair, we realize that players want to remind themselves about the habits or behaviours of other players. Much like playing in a casino and moving to a table to play against someone you met the previous day, Notes are there to remind you personally about the people you run across, even though their Poker Nickname may change.

Secured Game Play

Creating a fair and quality gaming experience for our players is our highest priority at ROXPoker. The solution chosen for RNG/Shuffling is critical to ensuring a fair game for all players. Consequently,ROXPoker investigated many systems and algorithms before deciding on implementation of what we believe is a superior solution.

If you require any further information about the fairness of our games or ROXPoker's RNG/Shuffling implementation, please contact us at

Random Number Generator (RNG) & Shuffling

ROXPoker's RNG solution ensures a uniform distribution of cards where by no sequence or relationship can be discovered in any way. The RNG solution is unaware of what’s going on in the game itself, so when the game requests a random card, the RNG has no idea of whose turn it is nor how the game is being played. We believe this is the ultimate impartial tool, better than the physical shuffling of cards.


Technical Systems Testing RNG Certification

TST laboratories provide fully independent and impartial testing and certifications for industry operators, suppliers, manufactures and regulators. TST analyzes system software and equipment, and the environments in which they operate, against manufacturer’s specifications, legislative and regulatory requirements, and to generally accepted industry standards.

To view Cake Poker’s TST certification please click here.

Microsoft CryptoAPI RNG

ROXPoker uses the cryptographically-secure RNG system found in Microsoft’s CryptoAPI. "Cryptographically secure" means that the RNG is so completely random that even a large amount of computer analysis cannot predict or detect patterns in the output, a fact that has been validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

  • Microsoft's CryptoAPI RNG complies with Federal Information Processing Standard 186-2 appendix 3.1, using SHA-1 as the G function. It has been validated by the NIST's Cryptographic Module Validation Program. Details on this may be found here.
  • It is important to note that computers are deterministic machines, and as such, they cannot produce truly random numbers. For this reason one often refers to Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNG). Pseudo implies that a PRNG does not produce truly random numbers, but numbers that are random enough for a specific practical use.

The validation of Microsoft's CryptoAPI by the National Institute of Standards and Technology proves the PRNG system used is highly random and highly secure as it is a critical building block for the CryptoAPI. For more information on NIST processing standards and security validation, please visit: